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About Our Company

Motivation & Objectives 

Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Corporate Vision

We envision ourselves to be a highly-respected, world-class natural resource company committed to delivering value to our domestic and international clients, catchment communities, downstream beneficiaries, and stakeholders.

Business Mission

We are a responsible mining corporation that discovers and processes mineral and energy resources as inputs to Philippine and multi-national industries that lead to the ultimate benefit of Philippine society.

Operating Principle

We are committed to the principle of Responsible Mining, employing traditional and advanced technologies that deliver value to our clients, respect the rights of communities traversed by our projects, and conserve the integrity of the natural environment.


Mining Sites

Mati City, Davao Oriental, Philippines

Our mineral deposits in the Davao Oriental part of Mindanao are rich in Iron Ore and Complex Ore. The complex ore contains Copper, Gold, and other precious metals. Mati is a very exciting mining site that produces reliable, high quality ores of different varieties.

Ayungon, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Our mineral deposits in the Ayungon portion of Negros Oriental is rich in high grade silica as well as other ores. The silica is used for the manufacturing of glass, cement, photovoltaic solar cells, and more. Ayungon is an exciting mining site because of the high quality of the silica deposits and the relative ease at which they can be harvested.


Corporate Governance


GMC organizes itself around its central business mission. While it is guided by a layered chart of functions, leadership is a shared task and responsibility.

Directives handed down from management to ground levels are outcomes of regular and consistent dialogue, consultation, and consensus among executive officers, the technical team leaders, the operating divisions, and the labor pool. Meeting of minds is the desired agenda of every focus group meeting or urgency session. This kind of governance is practiced by the working President and CEO, who spends more days on the sites rather than in the corporate office, to personally oversee the flow of work in the various stages of the mining process. This influential work ethic cross-cuts the human fabric of the whole organization.


GMC is guided through all its processes from exploration to final raw or finished product processing by IT software and expert technical assistance. It operates a financial management system that adheres to Philippine laws and regulations governing bookkeeping, accounting and auditing, taxation, investments, and other financial transactions that are based on the principles of integrity, responsibility, transparency, and accountability.


Social Responsibility

Caring for the Communities

GMC values its human resources. It invests in its field and back office personnel through formal and on-the-job training in league with government institutions and senior mining staff to gain competitive advantage, and the rigid observance of safety standards with emphasis on the Safety First, Hard Hat, and pre-emptive protection protocols in all the stages of mining operations.

Caring for Creation

GMC values the natural environment inclusive of the primal forest cover, water channels, and the habitats of local wildlife. It has instituted protective and conservation measures to safeguard these such as road signs and the careful transplanting and propagation of wild pine, hardwood, and fruit-bearing seedlings to alternative green areas. GMC’s forest tree nursery is tended by the labor crew who reforest areas traversed by the mining activities.

Ethically Sourced

We value our workforce, our community, and our environment. All of our minerals are mined with the highest standards.

Massive Deposits

Featuring hundreds of millions of metric tons of minerals, our mining sites are able to produce consistent quantities of top grade ore.

Competitive Rates

Get high grade ore and very good pricing. We are able to compete with suppliers around the world because of high quality and good value.

Worldwide Shipping

We offer CIF and FOB shipping arrangements. We are able to ship worldwide with relatively low cost to China, Japan, Korea, & Malaysia.

Bringing Precious Ore

to the Light

To Prosper Lives