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Export & Sales Procedure

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Soft Corporate Offer

65% Fe Iron Ore Example

  • Product : Iron ore

  • Fe: must > 63% Grade

  • Original: Safe and no sanction countries

  • Minimum Quantity: 50,000 MT per monthly by yearly contract

  • Transportation : By Sea Freight

  • Inspection: Pre-Shipment Inspection and COA at Loading Port

  • Origination Port : Mati Port, Mindanao, Philippines

  • Discharge Port : To Be Determined

  • Payment Term and Method: CIF With Irrevocable Letter of Credit, or FOB. At least 15% down payment on purchase order

  • Performance Guarantee: If FOB shipping, then the amount of guarantee offered by the seller be 2% PB of the amount issued by documentary credit

  • Inspection of the Goods: SGS or equivalent at the port of loading, Additional testing at Port of Discharge

  • Pricing: The price for each MT of delivered cargo under contract will be expressed in USD per MT, and discounts based on the volumes, terms, and conditions of the agreement. Market Rate of Metal will be set by the London Market Exchange (LME), and the price discount will be expressed as a percentage of the current market rate

  • Lead Time: Depending upon the destination port, the buyer could expect to receive the order within 20-30 Days.

Transaction Procedures

  • Buyer contacts us for initial discussion

  • Buyer sends Letter of Intent (LOI)

  • Seller sends a Full Corporate Offer (FCO)

  • Buyer returns the FCO Signed and Sealed with RWA, BCL, or MT799

  • Seller sends a draft sales and purchase agreement

  • Buyer approves, signs, seals, and returns agreement

  • Seller provides the Contract for Affreightment (COA), Pre-Shipment Inspection Report

  • Seller provides the Onboard Bill of Lading document

  • Shipment commences as per the terms of agreement

  • Buyer receives shipment and conducts inspection

  • Balance of Payment is released by the buyers bank

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