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GMC Mining Investment Opportunity


Company has mineral rights for a huge deposits of high grade 67% Iron Ore, Complex Ore (Gold & Copper), and Silica.

Two Mining Sites:

Mindanao, Philippines

Negros Oriental, Philippines

Silica operation has already been mobilized and begins shipments in January.

There are several purchase orders for hundreds of thousands of Metric Tons of Iron Ore waiting to be fulfilled.

Traditional financing (Letter of Credit) from Bank not available in Philippines now due to Covid restrictions.

Short Term Loan Needed for operating capital to mobilize machines. Once this is done then 70% of the purchase order will be funded by the bank. ($2,000,000 USD)

  • $25,000 USD Investment needed to mobilize machines
  • $50,000 USD Return Within 60 Days + Export Brokering AccessCollateralized by 5% company shares & mineral rights
  • LBMA Iron Ore Price: $149 MT
  • Cost of Production: $35 MT
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*67% Iron Ore

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