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Market Rates & Discounts 

Market Rates

With extensive mining networks, experienced logistics partners, and ports of origin that are close to China, Top Quality Minerals offers some of the most competitive rates for high grade iron ore and other minerals in the industry. Prices are based on either the London Market Exchange or Platts index. The amount of discount you can anticipate is based on the following factors:

Shipping Method

Perhaps the biggest factor when determining discount percentage is whether the buyer opts to proceed with FOB or CIF Shipping. CIF is considerably more expensive to the seller

Purchase Volume

The more ore you purchase, the larger discount we are able to provide

Length of Agreement

Top Quality Minerals is always looking to create long term relationships engaging in take off agreements for monthly shipments and multiple years. The longer the term of the agreement, the more of a discount percentage you can expect to achieve.

Ethically Sourced

We value our workforce, our community, and our environment. All of our minerals are mined with the highest standards.

Massive Deposits

Featuring hundreds of millions of metric tons of minerals, our mining sites are able to produce consistent quantities of top grade ore.

Competitive Rates

Get high grade ore and very good pricing. We are able to compete with suppliers around the world because of high quality and good value.

Worldwide Shipping

We offer CIF and FOB shipping arrangements. We are able to ship worldwide with relatively low cost to China, Japan, Korea, & Malaysia.